Only things that have particularly impressed me one way or another make it into this list. Always watch the original version! Synchronisation takes the fun out of it.

A Town Called Panic (Panique au village, 2009) Very weird stop-motion animation, done with cheap little plastic toys. Starts out slow, almost child-like, but soon develops into severe adult craziness. Polish your French and watch it in OV.

Les triplettes de Belleville (2003) Another French gem, this time traditional animation and computer-generated elements lovingly mixed for a unique visually gorgeous und quirky experience -- it's really that great, and also funny in a very non-Disney way.

Army of Darkness. The best: unique mixture of horror, fantasy, and splatter (lots). Time travel, medieval knights, evil witches, the skeleton army of the dead, romance, and ever-cool Ash, chainsaw & shotgun ready: Listen up, you primates - this is my boom-stick! Evil Twin-Ash, who grew out of Ash's shoulder, being buried: You will never retrieve the necronomicon! You will die in the attempt! Answer Ash, just before throwing the first shovel of earth into the grave: Hey, what's that you got in your face?

Braindead. Splatter with a British touch; the researcher captures the rare monkey in the jungle (It's evil, man!) and brings it back home to England, and the evil with it (He's got the bite!). Things take a nasty turn when the heroe's mother is bitten by the ape in the zoo, and the evil coming out of the graves cannot even be stopped by the vicar with the martial arts training: I see.. the spawns of hell are loose - it's time for some devine intervention! Don't forget to order pizza bolognese in time to arrive with the grand finale, when the heroe starts up the lawn mower: Party's over!

Conan the Barbarian. Good fantasy, lots of fun with Arnold Schwarzenegger: note that some 15 minutes pass before he has his first say, but this of course makes up easily: Tribe Leader: Conan, what is best in life? Conan: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women. This goes down so well with the assembled chieftains that his master releases him from slavery. My favourite scene: shortly afterwards, Conan's fall in the hill tomb, where he takes the ancient sword from the long-dead chieftain's skeleton: which crumbles down and makes Conan think: Chrom! Many may find this movie utterly stupid: I think it has atmosphere, and Conan's practical approach to philosophy: Companion, before entering the city: Ancient civilisation, old and wicked. Conan: Let's waste no time!

Die Besucher (Les Visiteur, 1993). As an exception to the rule, the German synchronisation of this excellent fantasy starring Jean Reno (!) is an all-time high for utterly nonsense dialogs alone: (warnend) Füße waschen, der König kommt! (großzügig) Voll ist die Rechte mit Geschenken! (philosophisch) Kriegen die Briten meinen König, hat er bald ein Glied zuwenig. For rescueing his King from capture by the British in an amourous secret meeting French Knight Güllefrosch is granted home leave for a week, but after a fatal accident (involving a crossbow and the father of Güllefrosch' spouse, mistaken for a bear because of dark witchcraft) he and his squire Winkelried seek the aid of a magician, who erroneously transfers them to the twentieth century..

The Dark Crystal. Muppet show in fantasy setting: darkness has fallen on the world when the crystal was broken, and the cruel Skexis rule. The task of finding the shard and healing the crystal falls to the young Gelfling, sole survivor of his race. There's the prophecy, but can he succeed before the triple suns unite, and the Skexis will rule forever? For children, young and old.

Alien. Dark science fiction with a horror twinge; lots of suspense. The alien spaceship, as well as the alien itself, are courtesy H. R. Giger, the artist with the nightmare human-machine creatures. The alien is never seen clearly, highly increasing its terror. One of the very few SF movies with believable technology and good story line.

Blade Runner. Based on Philip Dick's Do Androids count Electric Sheep. A small band of Replicants, genetically engineered humans with superior intelligence, physical endurance, and beauty (as demanded in war, labor, and recreation camps, reps.), bred for slave tasks on the off-world colonies, seek their creator Tyrell of Tyrell Company; to discuss with him their their preset four-year life span. Blade Runner Harrison Ford has a job to do: terminate the skin jobs. See the director's cut, it differs in one five second scene only, but this dream picture sheds a surprising light to the understanding of the Blade Runner himself..

Dark Star. John Carpenter's first movie, very low on budget, but very high on creativity. The cruiser Dark Star has a simple mission: destroy unstable planets. Its crew of four has been in space for twenty years.. Note the space suits: it looks like several vacuum cleaners had to be commissioned there. Highlights: lieutenant Pinhead's fight with the alien, and commander Dolittle's talk with the intelligent bomb which refuses to return to the holding bay.

The Meaning of Life, including The Crimson Permanent Insurance. Monty Python. No need to explain. I like the Grim Reaper best. Other Monty Python just as good: Jabberwocky, Yellowbeard, Life of Brian.

Star Wars of course the old movies from 1977 to 1983, episodes 4, 5, 6. I think episode 5 is still the best, is has the quirkiest fantasy touch, and there are some really nice scenes with master Yoda. The later episodes 1, 2, 3 from 1999 to 2005 ware already much weaker. Forget the newer installments, way too much political correctness and agenda.

Highlander. Live forever, and fight to the end: There can be only one! Nevertheless, lots of good scenes; flashing fantasy switching between medieval Scotland and present-day New York.

Stalker. Andrej Tarkowskis Masterpiece about the guide who leads visitors into the 'zone', an area of waste land, heavily guarded by military, where wishes are said to come true..

Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, it's mostly really silly, but it has its moments, such as the beginning, when Captain Sparrow arrives with his sinking boat, or when 'the boys take a walk' under the water. I just like it.

The Lord of the Rings. Since I am a Tolkien fan, I have to watch these again every couple of years; all in all I think it is a very good rendering of the book. There are some bad alterations, but brilliant Gollum makes up for everything!

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Another stupid college movie, yes, but one you may want to watch again after some time. True, there is no message here other than it's all about having a good time, but maybe that is deep enough.

Equilibrium. You like Orwellian nightmares and cool Matrix leather coats? Also, you don't mind your hero shooting with inhuman precision while never getting hit himself, although dozens of bad guys empty their clips at him? Then you will like this one. There is even some story that isn't too bad.

Ghost Dog. After being rescued from some mobsters a black youngster adopts the lifestyle of a samurai and pledges allegiance to his saviour, an elderly mafia gangster who communicates with his secret master killer by carrier pidgeon only. A number of people get killed, but not action-style; a typical Jim Jarmusch movie, quiet, slow. Very nice photography and extremely cool soundtrack, especially at the begin.

Ghost World. Two girls finish high school and start their life in the real world, but only one of them manages to adapt, while the other refuses to abandon her day dreams and drifts into a romance with an elderly record collector, perfect cast for Steve Buscemi. Nice soundtrack and real good atmosphere throughout. Star Trek - The Motion Picture (1979) The Star Trek movies are noteworthy for the way they show the slow change in Zeitgeist: the first one classic science fiction, a NASA space probe develops intelligence and seeks its creator; the second one 1982 Wrath of Khan, war, hatred, fighting (and some good Klingon scenes); the third one 1984 The Search for Spock - heroic, The need of the one outweigh the need of the many; the fourth one 1986 The Voyage Home rescuing whales! environmental issues, Spock in ageing hippie costume; the fifth one 1989 Final Frontier - searching for God, religious wave, sects; the sixth one 1991 Undiscoverd Country - disorientation, decline; action and special effects instead of (moderately) intelligent plot and creativity = things to come

Galaxy Quest (1999) Mainly a spoof on Star Trek, but so good it's more reverence than parody. What a cast: Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shalhoub and ... Tim Allen! It works beautifully. Look no further for the perfect sci-fi nerd fest.

TV Shows, Series

Rick and Morty The first two seasons are just plain awesome, the third already shows signs of weakening, and since then things just keep going down the drain. Out of steam, like practically all long-running shows.

BoJack Horseman Wicked stuff, much more re-watchable than most. Made a sensible choice by finishing while the going was good.

Family Guy. This is a cartoon TV series about some whacky suburban family. All kinds of twisted humour; My favourites are the two episodes about death, the guy who opens beer bottles in his eye socket.

South Park. Another cartoon TV series, they managed to pump out new episodes in decent quality for many years, but recently the usual running out of creative juice.

Star Trek (1966-1969) The original series: those were the times - no silly political correctness, complete belief in sketchy technology - Scotty repairs the engines by fixing some wiring on the bridge, very relaxed approach to plot and acting: red shirts who are beamed down on planets die (except for Scotty). Satisfying simple roles: Leutienant Ramp serves coffee, in mini skirts; Nurse Jones lusts for Spock, forever in vain; the enterprise makes whooping sounds; Bones appears on the bridge without any reason, says things like I'm a doctor, not a mechanic/bricklayer/coal miner; Spock looks into his peep-show machine.. Fascinating. It truly is.

Samurai Jack Extremely stylish animation, totally weird settings for lots of crazy adventures, and the coolest demon ever to appear in cartoon: Aku, the shape-shifting master of darkness! Perfectly voiced by Mako Iwamatsu (remember him as wizard Akiro in Conan), practically every appearance of Aku is just awesome.

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