Seminar 5437

SS 2018: Machine Learning - SVM Support Vector Machines

Johann Mitlöhner

In the first seminar unit you will select one of the base papers as the topic for your own seminar work.

Your paper has to be written in LaTeX. Study the LaTeX Info for help. A short overview will be presented in the first unit.

  1. Base paper selection -- 13.03.2018 09:00-12:00 D2.0.330
    upload five keywords by 14.03.2018
    After that:
    → read the base paper (if you have not done so already at this point..)
    → collect and read additional sources in order to get a good understanding of your topic
    → tutorials on machine learning will help, such as
    → prepare 2-3 page proposal including 3 research questions and submit via learn
  2. Consultation -- 19.04.2018 10:00-18:00 Institute
    we will talk individually about your proposal and select one of the research questions for further work. Email to set up time.
    After that:
    → prepare your SE paper based on your proposal
    → prepare your presentation
  3. Presentation -- 07.06.2018 13:00-17:00 D2.0.374
    give us a 10 minute presentation about your work
    After that:
    → refine your SE paper
  4. Submit final SE paper -- by 30.06.2018
    → switch on your spell checker
    → proofread your text
    → use Learn for submission of PDF file, email zip archive containing all your files

Additional material:

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